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In an ever-changing world of commerce, progressive business owners seek innovative growth opportunities. Come network and reap the benefits of organized barter and trade with the QuikTrade barter management platform.

Barter Smarter With Memphis TradePartners

Save Cash

Memphis TradePartners members will want to start using their barter dollars for as many of their regular recurring expenses as possible, thus saving their cash.

Expand Networks

Unlike other groups who meet for the occasional lunch, make presentations, and demand referrals, barter only needs the natural incentive of the trade dollar.

Increase Sales

With barter currency available, members prioritize purchasing decisions towards the network instead of spending cash for the same products and services.

Reward Employees

Gift cards are a great way to supplement employee benefits especially since the barter network has dentists, mechanics, roofers, restaurants, etc.

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Get the TradePartners Gift Card!

Use Gift Cards as trade or payment to business partners, friends or employees.

Pre-paid gift cards are not redeemable for cash or gratuities and cannot be replaced if lost or stolen. Visit the Gift Card page for balance inquiries, expiration date, terms of service, and a list of redemption locations.

Redemption locations change daily. Always check this website for current redemption locations

The Barter System

Vendors charge the same rate in trade dollars as they do with ordinary customers

Why Memphis TradePartners?

Member-owned and managed, Memphis TradePartners is a network unlike others

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