Why Choose Memphis TradePartners?

Memphis TradePartners is member-owned and run by our board of directors. We incorporate accountability at every level and gives our members a voice in how our exchange operates.

Member Owned and Managed

Memphis TradePartners is the only member-owned trade exchange in Memphis. This is a critical distinction. The health and success of a barter exchange is based upon the value of its currency.

With Memphis TradePartners, the members own the network and control the guidelines for operating the network. They hire employees to staff the operations of the exchange who are paid to look out for the health of the network first… not any personal gain.

Selective, Balanced Membership

Membership is scrutinized to determine how many businesses from each category should be allowed and to find the very best participants to fill those needs. All member applications are put before current members for approval. The board of directors of the local exchange sets guidelines and practices to ensure the health of the exchange first and to which all should follow. Any member that falls outside of those guidelines and practices is subject to removal from the exchange.

As the members of a certain business category begin to take on all the trade business that they can reasonably spend on their own reoccurring expenses, this is an indication that another business of that same category can be added to supply the needs of the exchange.

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